happy easter

May we find nourishment, renewal and restoration in the growing light of this season.

The Zen Ox who usually comes by to leave seasonal gifts is working to rule so we shall have to make do with this little fellow.  I’ve resisted taking pictures of sparrows, thinking them rather plain and undistinguished.  And then I caught sight this one in my zoom.  Nirvana in 1/80 sec.

I’m away in up-state NY this coming week and next but have a few nifty things lined up for you.  Hope you enjoy them!

May you all be held safe in the boundlessness of your practice.

Thank you for practising.


2 thoughts on “happy easter

    • Thank you, Carole! We had a beautiful time stacking the chopped wood, clearing the south garden of winterkill, and a delightful sangha morning of meditation, tea and chocolate!

      I hope you are replenishing too!

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