coming home to compassion

This is a day to remember what compassion can bring us.  Beginning with compassion for ourselves, we can radiate out in never-ending circles compassion for all beings.

Only if we begin with compassion for ourselves.

The video is from Upaya Zen Center: Coming Home to Compassion – Upaya Zen Institute

I like to listen to the chanting first with my eyes closed then the second time letting the images penetrate. I don’t know if it helps me act with more compassion. It does help me stop for 7 minutes and 20 seconds before I re-engage.

Thank you for practising,

2 thoughts on “coming home to compassion

  1. I sometimes think that the 1,000 hands and eyes of Avalokitesvara function solely within each of us to perceive and reach out to our own suffering. Through this ongoing work, each of us becomes Avalokitesvara.

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