the buddha nature of falling skies

Dogen’s Treasury of the True Dharma Eye edited by Kaz Tanahashi: Treeness

Zahozhou was asked by a monk, “Does the cypress tree have buddha nature?”

Zhazhou answered, “It does.”

The monk said, “When does it become buddha?”

Zhazhou said, “When the sky falls to the ground.”

The monk said, “When does that happen?”

Zhazhou said: “When the cypress tree becomes buddha.”

This gives me a new appreciation of feeling like the sky is falling.  And since I  know the sky falls constantly, it must mean there is buddha nature constantly manifesting even in my fear-drenched world.  However, I don’t think that’s the real connection between the sky falling and the cypress tree becoming a buddha.

The resolution is in synchronous nature of Zhaozhou’s words: “When the sky falls to the ground” and “When the cypress tree become buddha.”

5 thoughts on “the buddha nature of falling skies

  1. I can relate to that – up here we say ‘What follows two days of rain in Vancouver?’ Answer: Monday.

    Trading non-Buddha-Nature for sunshine – isn’t that like selling your soul to the devil or something? 🙂

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