3 thoughts on “a richness of not wanting

  1. Wonderful week of posts that spoke to something deep within, especially with regards to this “burnout and spiritual incongruence.” I just re-read all of your posts again, so that I could get it in context, and they speak to my own experience at the moment; a feeling of needing to get back to the “bare bones”, which I wrote about this week as an experience of “depression” – which I see is really the “burnout” that you speak of here. After I re-read your posts today I realized that I was unknowingly writing of which you speak – although from a different perspective, not knowing that this is probably what I’m really feeling – this incongruence with my deepest spiritual knowing (values) and thus these feelings of disconnect with my truest Self… Very interesting correlation here that you helped to bring to consciousness for me. I also see where this incongruity has occurred in our current society and culture (as you have experienced) that does not honor those who choose to seek the “deeper truth” – who chose to walk a more “spiritual” path…

    Much gratitude for these wonderful writings and insights!!!!!

    • Happy that this resonates, Christine! Silencing the self is a protective strategy that tends to become a bit of a gremlin over time.

      Either feed them or fire them!

  2. Laal Laal Sab Koyi Kahe, Sabke Palle Laal, Gaanth Khol Dekha Nahi Aur Yahaan Se Bhaya Kangaal!

    Everybody says “ruby ruby”, everybody yearns for it. It is tied up to everybody’s cloth end, nobody unties to check and leaves from here as if they were paupers!

    The post reminded me of these lines of St. Kabir. 🙂

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