a timber, a plank

The Simile of the Ship

“When a ship is wrecked at sea, those who do not hold onto a timber, or plank, or other solid support will drown in the water, never reaching the other shore.  Subhuti, those that do hold onto a timber, or plank, or other solid support will not drown in the water.  Happily unhindered, they may reach the shore, where they will stand safe and sound on firm ground.

“Similarly, Subhuti, a bodhisattva who is endowed with a full measure of faith and purity, of kindness and intentions, but without taking hold of the perfection of wisdom, can fall along the way.  Not reaching all-embracing knowledge, he may remain only a disciple, or a pratyekabuddha.”

The Perfection of Wisdom by R.C. Jamieson (pg 63)

Illustration:  The Buddha of the past, Dipamkara at sea with two attendants.  He is the protector of others from sea monsters.

4 thoughts on “a timber, a plank

  1. another wonderful piece of art. love this image, Buddha standing in the stream, there to help us to the other shore.

    reminds me of a quote I saw on tumblr (see where I get my education!) be a lamp (which of course the Buddha said, unto yourself) but someone had added “be a lifeboat, be a ladder.)

    Okay I’ll go now that I’ve defiled your wonderful wisdom and ancient scrolls with tumblerspeak.

    • 😆 I love my tumblr. Love your tumblr too!

      I particularly liked this one because of the wonderful controlled chaos and the stillness of the Buddha. And it’s blue. 😉

      Nothing defiled, nothing immaculate!

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