buddhas, bodhisattvas, mahasattvas

Illustration:  Buddha teaching the bodhisattvas, green Samantabhadra, blue Vajrapani, yellow Maitreya, yellow Manjusri, and white Avalokitesvara.  On the right is a wrathful Jambhala holding a mongoose with two birds above.

The definition of a bodhisattva encompasses a detachment from the hindrances, poisons, and likely bad company; wrong views and ignorance as well as a controlling passion.  The bodhisattva is protected by the armour of the Mahayana so is never timid.

Subhuti, a ‘bodhi-sattva’ (enlightenment being), a great being, is called that because his purpose is enlightenment.

The Perfection of Wisdom by R.C. Jamieson (pg. 16)

7 thoughts on “buddhas, bodhisattvas, mahasattvas

    • Makes me want to reach out and touch it. I’m wondering about the colours – the Five Buddha Families have colours associated with them but it doesn’t coincide with these. Love the red though!

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