buddha, ltd

Do not try to become a buddha.  How could being a buddha be limited to sitting or not sitting?*

It’s difficult not to feel the pressure of time multiplied by dreams of what was to be.  These days I hear a little voice, more frequently than is comfortable, whispering, “It’s too late.”  Too late for this dream to be realized, too late for that wish to be fulfilled.  It’s not the frantic rabbity sense of “too late” but more a slothful, sluggish drag-my-butt sense of a compressed future.  I can be quite rational about this urgency (or lack thereof) when it relates to the to-do list of career or social eddies.  However, in matters of practice, it is a turbo-charged driveness that isn’t always useful.

And then I’m reminded that buddha or buddha-limited, sitting up-straight is the only option.  In fact, not just sitting up-straight but being upright is non-negotiable.

I think I’ll start a new organization: buddha, limited.  Anyone want to join as CEO?

*Dogen, Recommending Zazen to All People.  In Tanahashi, Kazuaki (ed.), Enlightenment Unfolds: The essential teachings of Zen Master Dogen.

9 thoughts on “buddha, ltd

    • Nah… you have been assigned to go find the ox. Or let the ox find you! Looks like you will have to wait until you get back for your signing bonus!

      Safe travels, my friend! I’ll miss your daily teachings!

  1. ha, I am too late janitor’s position and assistant to the janitior has already been filled. and you thought it was too late for you??? hmmm Groundskeeper? Remember Bill Murray in Caddy Shack, I could probably do that???

  2. Seeing as I usually take supportive positions, I can be the little obnoxious gnat that goes around and whispers in everyone’s ear “You are already That” (smile face). Or maybe the “secretary” sending out sweet little lyrical memos? Seriously, I feel this sense of urgency as well – to *intimately know* in my heart that indeed ‘This’ *is* what we are; to feel that connection, to *know* it, not just mentally, but in my heart of hearts; to be established in the light of pure Awareness… I believe it is possible….

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