like the dragon gaining water

Happy New Year!  It’s been a lovely week of connections which reminded me of the value of sinking into time and space intimately.  It’s also been a very reflective period and I’ve been thinking about how the path through 2012 is going to begin for me.    And, without even trying, here it is: a keystroke, a letter, a sequence of symbols that make a word and then a sentence.  I make no claims that 2012 will have any more clarity or less pretense to comprehension than did 2011.  However, I do find myself  exploring what it means to connect with the intimate truth of my life.

Ok, so I’m not even sure what that means but I have been diving deep into conversations about my tendency to speak to the truth of whatever I am connected with – be it a relationship, a situation, a mess unfolding.  And yes, I do understand that “truth” can be relative but “the intimate truth” of our experience is not.  It is that undeniable moment when we are aligned with our values and fired by the passion of our commitment to live fully.  

Well, it should be undeniable, shouldn’t it?  But that moment of knowing who I am often shape-shifts around who I think I am in the minds of others.  It becomes infused with a fog of fear I then need to step through, asking of me a depth of courage and clarity of realization that to stay lost in the projections of others is a dangerous thing in word and deed.

If all of that is too confusing, simply remember this: it is the year of the water dragon.  Nagas (dragons) are intimate with water; it is their truth, what makes them realized.   So too, I hope we will gain the water like a dragon diving deep into its true home.

As Dogen taught in Recommending Zazen to All People*, there is no learning this.

It is simply the dharma gate of enjoyment and ease.  It is the practice-realization of complete enlightenment.  Realize the fundamental point free from the binding of nets and baskets.  Once you experience it, you are like a dragon swimming in the water or a tiger reposing in the mountains.  Know that the true dharma emerges of itself, clearing away hindrances and distractions.

*Tanahashi, Kazuaki (ed.), Enlightenment Unfolds: The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Dogen.  

6 thoughts on “like the dragon gaining water

  1. Or, in my case, like a dog chewing on a bone. (Riffing on Dogen, here…not on Rumi’s “Love Dogs.”)

    Truth is sort of like Reality – pretty darned elusive and yet essential to a sane life.

    • I liked Rumi’s “Love Dogs.” 😀

      You’re reminding me of how much I used to love marrow – and how hard it was to actually get at it. 😉

  2. I get excited just reading this! I resonate so much! Thank you for articulating “your” truth, your experience so beautifully. It speaks to my experience as well: “committing with the intimate truth of life; finding the passion of our commitment to live fully and the intimate truth of our own experience.” Wow – Yes! “The true dharma emerges of itself.” – thankfully, which means we can relax and let it emerge – whew. And that sniggly little fear of not being seen for who we are, but only the image that others have of us. Oh my, I’m having heart palpitations! Seriously – anxiety is arising here – which means you have probably hit on something that is true for me as well – the Truth! With deep gratitude!

  3. I wish you all the power and seeing you need to transcend the suffering you feel in this world…! (I liked to read your thoughts and the quotation of Master Dogen… very thought-provoking, very interesting!)
    I wish you a peaceful and happy New Year!
    See you! Have a nice day!

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