Dharma teacher Cheri Maples (Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh) led a retreat on ways in which we are lead by our unconscious biases.  She talked about unearned assets; those behaviours and benefits we accrue simply because we belong to a class, race, or other form of an in-group.  I don’t want to say much but offer this to you as an exercise.

What are some of the benefits that come to you simply by virtue of your membership in a socioeconomic class, a race or ethnicity that is the dominant group in your culture, a gender or sexual group, a position in an organization, and/or a religious community of practice?

What are you assumptions about what has accrued to persons in other groups?   This is a tough one so an example would be the assumption I often run into that being Asian means I’m good at Math or am diminutively cooperative.  While the former is true, it’s less about being Asian and more about not being diminutive in any way at all.

These are the unconscious biases from which we make decisions about ourselves and others.

Can you uncover at least one that had fostered a belief in yourself as entitled or unworthy?

One thought on “detract

  1. Being Canadian I always assumed I was entitled to health care..seems like this was just an illusion these days…
    working class background tells me I gotta work hard to get nowhere…and be thankful that I got work….
    hey just really sad Jack is gone …..

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