shadow 4

I’m trying to learn the difference between giving everything away and giving an opportunity for something to emerge.  It’s the difference between donating blood and bleeding out.  Is this what makes dedicated activists head for a cave in the hills?

Creating the space for connections to coalesce into relationships is different from evoking a sense of commonality that seduces people into believing they have something in common a priori.  Is this what makes religions popular as well as dangerous?

I don’t have the answers.  One shadow side of generosity is deceptively easy to spot – it’s usually marked by a sense of elevation from the unwashed masses.  Another shadow side is subtle.  It’s marked by hope.

Thank you for practising,


2 thoughts on “shadow 4

  1. interesting post. It reminds me a little of an experience I had in relation to my art. Last Spring when I moved here I “tried” very hard to place my art in some gallery situations. I wasn’t really aggressive as it’s not my nature, but I was really trying and I really wanted it to happen. I was attached to having a certain outcome.I had one “bad” experience which stopped me in my tracks.

    At any rate without much work at all this Spring, my art easily found homes in great places. I think this is what you’re talking about. We can never really “make things happen”. We just think we can. I am learning (slowly) that it’s never on our time lines as my Zen teacher used to say and as you point out it uses a lot less of our life force when we follow the signs, kind of like animals sniffing the wind?

    It is much easier this way and teaches me about faith and trust.

    • True. I think when we give of ourselves, it follows the same principle. An act of generosity is an opening, an invitation to connect. After that, it has to fly out from our grasp.


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