that’s a +1

Now that was quite the adventure!  Around 8PM last night we had a microburst of a storm that flattened trees and blew down the main stage at Bluesfest.  Three people were injured and 30, 000 people were evacuated safely to the War Museum.  That’s impressive management of what could have been a real mess.  We don’t get such excitement in staid Ottawa and I hope it will continue to be a rarity.  

Power was out overnight and I discovered a few things about my internet addiction.  The wireless was down and I forgave it.  I have 3G on the iPad (yes, another new toy) but that was choppy given the wild weather.  It was interesting to notice the frustrated jabs at the home button or the frequent down-swipe of the touch screen to refresh the pages.  And are we surprised that I really, really needed that bowl of ice cream?  Well, it would have melted in the freezer anyway, right?

I did try to read the Gothic mystery/romance but it didn’t seem as gripping as watching the bird feeders flap horizontally tethered by their wire hangers.  When it became too dark to see the wind-torn landscape, I took up growling at Frank who insisted on wearing his headlamp which pierced my retina every time he turned to answer my questions, leaving me with the eerie sense I was about to be abducted by aliens.

Eventually, we went to bed in the dark.  I say that not too facetiously.  Even in the country it’s rare to have that pitch-black-dark night in which we can rest the windows to our soul.

So in the new lingo of Google-speak, I’d call that a +1.

2 thoughts on “that’s a +1

  1. This is hilarious 🙂 (except for the people getting hurt part…). Lovely pink chiffon enso/ice cream, with a green angel at the end sending out her confections 🙂 Amazing what happens in the dark….

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