in the dark

Power failure in the region with wild, wild winds and thunderstorms! I suppose I could type out tomorrow’s post by chicken-pecking this keyboard. But it seems a dark night, howling winds and 91% juice on my iPad lends itself to a Gothic romance about long-dead lovers and missed opportunities.

Besides this is a nice test of blogging via the iPad App.

The Enso awaits us all tomorrow!

Genju in the dark

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

4 thoughts on “in the dark

  1. Netbook I could manage but the problem is Internet via 3G is only on iPad. Damn! Just remembered I could have used my Telus broadband mobile on my main laptop! Ah well.

    ZDS…Only things dancing are the fruit flies flinging themselves at my iPad screen!

  2. Goodness! I hope the lights have returned . . .

    I’ve experienced power failures with the lights still blazing away . . . rendering me once again in the dark.

    Maybe Buddhist training is sorta the ancient equivalent of night-vision goggles??

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