honouring all mothers, mahasattvas, wisdom beyond



Homage to the Perfection of Wisdom,
Prajnaparamita, the Mother of the Buddhas.
The lovely and the holy Perfection of Wisdom gives light.
Unstained the entire world cannot stain her.
She is a source of light and removes suffering
from everyone in the triple world.
She brings light so that all fear and distress may be forsaken.
She disperses the gloom and darkness of delusion.
She herself is the eye of vision and wisdom.
She has clear knowledge of her own being in all Dharmas.

The Perfection of Wisdom of the Buddhas
The Mother of All Buddhas.

And the first nuns Honored Ones:

 Mahapajapati                                                      Dhammadina
Mitta                                     Kisagotami
Yasodhara                                                      Vasetthi
Tissa                                                        Ubbiri
Sumana                                                 Patacara-Pancasata         
Upasama                               Isidasi         
Viskha                                                           Bhadda-Kapilani
Khema                                          Mutta
Uppalavanna                                                Capa
Sundari-Nanda                                                   Dhamma
Vaddhesi                              Citta
Patacara                                       Vimala
Uttama                    Addhakasi
Bhadda-Kundalakesa                                       Padumavati
Nanduttara          Ambapali
Dantika                                      Anopama
Sakula                                                            Abhirupa-Nanda
Siha          Jenti.

Homage to our women ancestors of the Eastern lands:

The seven-year old dragon girl who preached the lotus sutra, and The Honored nuns:

Soji, Mo-shan, Miao-hsin, Iron Brush Liu.

Homage to the women disciples of Great Master Dogen,

The Honored nuns:

 Egi, Eshin, Shogaku, Ryonen

 Homage to the women disciples of Great Master Keizan,

The Honored nuns:

Sonin                             Myoshin

Shozen                           Shinmyo

En’i                                Shinsho

Myosho                         Jonin

Ekyu                              Ninkai

 Homage to all other direct Soto women ancestors, The Honored nuns:

Shune                                      Honsho

Joa                                Soki

Shue                               Zensho

Somyo                           Ryoso

Soitsu                                      Myoko

Myojun                          Mugai Nyodai

Myozen                          Kojima Kendo

Genshu                          and Jishu Angyo Holmes.

We recognize all laywomen who carried the Dharma:

  Queen Srimala and Antoku Inden Kasho Myokei Zenni,

And  all the Women Honored Ones  whose names have been forgotten and left u n s a i d.

All Buddhas throughout space and time,

All Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas,

Wisdom beyond Wisdom

Maha Prajna Paramita


May all the women who have held us, nourished us, comforted us, consoled us, and in all ways brought us to into life

Be honoured this day.

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