8 thoughts on “barn door

  1. Beautiful simplicity with the play of light and dark. With both “openings” it reminds me that there are many ways “in.” (or out for that matter..) You have inspired me! Am off with my camera this morning to see what I can find…
    Thanks! C

  2. Thanks! I love your responses to the picture. The practice was to not get caught in my stories about the barn – past, present or future, to see it just as it is, to the Buddha nature in it.

    Does a barn have Buddha-nature only if filled with oxen?


    • “The practice was not to get caught in my stories…but to see it just as it is.” Beautiful, yes, how easily my mind went toward interpretation! Thanks for the gentle reminder to just see – to see beyond story to the true “essence” of things… humbly – C

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