gracing the shelves

It’s the eve of the next year, 2011.  For some reason, as the years click over further and further into the 2000’s, I feel a vague uneasiness about the numbers.  They seem surreal, sci-fi, outside the realm of understanding.  Maybe it’s just scaring me to think we’re into the double digits of the 21st century.  Maybe it’s a marker of all the things I haven’t started, completed, got unstuck with.  And yet, and yet…

So much has happened in the last year that it’s hard for me to hold onto my usual Eeyore-ishness.  As an aside, it’s always bothered me in an “Oh Bother” sort of Way that Benjamin Hoff never did complete his series – Tao of Pooh, Te of Piglet –  with the Ching of Eeyore.  I mean, disgruntlement with the publishing industry is one thing; abrogating on an Explore of Great Magnitude of the Classic Nature of Eeyore is sad, just Sad.

Now, where were We?  Ah yes, just before you decided to go for some cookies and tea.  Now that you’re back, let’s look at this issue of the year that was and what will be.

My dharma sister Maia Deurr has published a Plan on her Excellent Blog on all things Liberating in Life.  Do visit her and take her some of those Tasty Cookies you made just for this Occasion of Great Import.  She suggests we answer four questions about our life in the last year and one about the coming year.  I haven’t done it exactly the Way she suggests because being an Eeyore-ish type, I suffer from the Germ of Trepidatiousness for which there is no Vaccine.

Instead I thought (again, that problem I have about Thinking) I would just share some things that made me feel Warm and Cozy on those nights when the winds Howled in their Howlish ways and the coyotes sang so my Goosebumps had a chance to Come Out and Play.

Full moon on winter’s night




On the trail to Tom Thompson’s Jack Pine










Zendo at home where we now will meet in community




Hakuin & New York Adventure










Completing 108 Buddhas!  Yay!










Riding the Ox Home.

Thank you, Tricycle!





Swinging Rohatsu Blues










And finally… SomeThing an Eeyore could never Eemagination in Her 108 Ears… a gift from Alex the Kid… a compilation of various art from this blog…  Apparently my toes are like a “Find Waldo” game throughout the book.  The Humanity of Fame for a poor Donkey is more that One can Bear.

May We all Aspire find our Toes in 2011!

Thank you, all my dear bodhisattvas and buddhas, for holding this space and joining with me in the transformation of suffering.

May we all share in the immense joy that true nature brings.

Lynette Genju

6 thoughts on “gracing the shelves

  1. Love this photo essay of your year, Genju! And now I understand why we’re on the same wavelength… I used to have a great affinity for Eeyore as well. Still do, but I’m expanding my repertoire a bit : )

  2. There is a donkey that is most often in a field along the road to town. That body posture is just interminably sad, head down, standing inert. Now I get why Eeyore is the perfect embodiment for sadness!

    The Ching of Eeyore, I see a book in your 2011. I’m sure Benjamin Hoff wouldn’t mind if you finished off the series.

    And thanks for all the great Dharma & art in 2010. I look forward to another year of 108 ZB. Happy New Year!

  3. What a great post to enter the New Year! 🙂 And I thank you for your humor and deep heart of compassion that emerge over and over in your writings, and have uplifted my spirit many times, inspiring me to be “authentic.”

    The Photo Essay of your Blog art and photos is a great gift of the heart. One that keeps on giving heart beats!

    I look forward to another year of “courage”, following your toes 🙂 and your Heart too…

    Heart Hugs – Christine

  4. Happy New Year, All! I hope it has been a good day. Thankfully around here the fog was only outside and not inside. 😉 It’\s been so nice to meander around visiting all of you this week!

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