buddha 108


Born within the enso of the world
the human heart must also
become an enso


Thank you for sharing these 108 days of being Buddha. 

May we all, through our creative love for each other, become enso. 


Note bene: Bodhidharma image is a copy of Seisetsu’s Seated Daruma in The Art of 20th Century Zen by Seo & Addiss






8 thoughts on “buddha 108

  1. 😀 Thank you, Everyone!

    Joseph, I really like “done, one and none!” We usually say, “Done like a duck…” but being vegetarian (sort of) it doesn’t go over well. It feels like I’ve run a mental marathon! But looking back I’m so glad I took this on. The brush and I don’t have the love-hate relationship we used to!

    Seigen, I’m so happy you joined in this journey. I’m looking at a way to get to NYC for the Hakuin event!

    Barry, you’re tempting me to create a female, body-surfing DaruMA! Thank you for all your inspiration, my friend!

    Christine, the world needs irascible types… gnarly fonts too. 😉

    Adam, thanks for clicking “Like.”

    ZDS, your art has been a guide and an inspiration to keep at this! Thank you and a deep bow.

    All my dear friends, a deep bow for nourishing my practice!

    I am taking a few days off writing next week to savour the transition to whatever unfolds in 108ZB. I’ve not got a chance to read anything this week and am looking forward to rambling around making a nuisance of myself on all your blogs!

    • Thank you, Sunim! Don’t forget you and Joseph agreed to share in contributing to the Daruma Extravaganza …. I think we can even talk Barry into it as well! 😈

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