that which you are

One of my favourite poems – digs deep into the roots of craving, desire, longing… and draws out trust in myself, touching the earth.

I said to the wanting-creature inside me:
what is this river you want to cross?

There are no travelers on the river-road, and no road.
Do you see anyone moving about on that bank, or resting?

There is no river at all, and no boat, and no boatman.
There is no towrope either, and no one to pull it.
There is no ground, no sky, no time no bank, no ford!
And there is no body, and no mind!

Do you believe there is some place that will make the
soul less thirsty?
In that great absence you will find nothing.

Be strong then, and enter into your own body;
there you have a solid place for your feet.

Think about it carefully!
Don’t go off somewhere else!

Kabir says this: just throw away all thoughts of
imaginary things,
and stand firm in that which you are.

The Kabir Book: Forty Four of the Ecstatic Poems of Kabir, Translation by Robert Bly.
Beacon Press, Boston, 1993.

4 thoughts on “that which you are

  1. Well . . . if I’m honest about my intentions and actions, then – yes, I do generally believe that there is some plae that will make my soul less thirsty. And perhaps that belief can be the point of entry.

    • Absolutely! If not for feeling the thirst, I would never venture out. But it starts with experiencing the thirst as just that – thirst… not lack.

      Bartender, this round’s on Barry! 🙂

  2. Wow – this gave me goose bumps…. “stand firm in that which you are” – yes… and be grounded in that… Beautiful!

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