renouncing acceptance – Elephant Journal trumpets news

I was hoping this would fade away but since Maia of Jizo Chronicles Twittered it, I have to abandon all hope!

Apparently some karma worked itself out and 108 Zen Books has been dragged kicking and screaming into the top of the polls over at the Elephant Journal!  The stalwart John Pappas of Zen Dust, Zen Dirt renounced all practice of looking into his sensations of boredom and fired up a Hottest Male Blogger (Congratulations, Waylon Lewis and/or Danny Fisher!) after he got the Femme Fatales of Buddhist Blogging lined up.  One could suggest an attempt to divide and conquer by pitting us against each other (Shame on you, John!) and then distracting us with the beautiful menfolk!

Well, I won’t stand for this!  I’m going to sit down on my zafu and do what any good Bodhi Babe would do.

I open myself to accepting what is. Shameful, isn’t it?

Yes, there ya go.  I will not deny or admit to rumours of a Kobayashi maru strategy or friends stuffing the ballot box thereby causing tribbles for my competitors Dear Sisters.  There is no evidence to be found that I called up all the IOUs in my massive family network nor did I brib… er … reinforce anyone with promises of Sparkling Ginger Chip Cookies.

I will admit to having the hell humbled out of me!  There isn’t a woman on the poll list or my blogroll who doesn’t intimidate me with their writing and that I wouldn’t be proud to have as author in my little patch of the universe.

I will also insist that every Female BuddhoBlogger step forward and demand that we also (as suggested for the men) get to do a calendar for some charity in keeping with the honourable tradition set by the Rylstone and District Women’ s Institute!

A tip of the hat to Elephant Journal, John and Waylon for making sure the love gets circulated among all our blogs.

Thank you for practicing (this too is practice!),


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11 thoughts on “renouncing acceptance – Elephant Journal trumpets news

  1. Indeed! The Kobayashi Maru strategem! Me sleeping with a Green Chick to help me cheat? Are you suggesting that Green Tara was involved?



    • LOL! No, I was the one falsely accused of hacking into PollDaddy… I swear I didn’t. All I suggested to my IT guy was that we do something with the dilithium crystals that had the polls going around in circles… 🙂

      As for you and the Green Goddess… I don’t know. I think you’re more of a Red Tara type…. 😉

      Glad you like the new set up. Though still can’t figure out why the link under the Bat Nha feed goes to the code sheet??? Ah well…

    • Thanks, Marguerite! Glad you’re home safe! We’re each a node in Indra’s Net reflecting and containing each other. Every blog has affected my thoughts and writing. I’m just wondering if I get a baseball cap since the Male Hottie got a tiara! 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by, Dalai Gran! I have been enjoying the adventures of Sherlock (and now Sheba). It is an honour to be in the bloggosphere, benefitting from your wisdom.

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