realize human ignorance

The more we sit like this, the more we realize the strength of human ignorance.  There is no reason why we create this terrible situation, but we do constantly…  This is pretty hard, because the more we taste and chew real peace, the more we realize human ignorance.  But the more we realize human ignorance, the more we cannot stop teaching real peace, living real peace.

Dainin Katagiri

Don’t look away.

Practising, practising,


2 thoughts on “realize human ignorance

    • I know! i mean… I don’t know.. didn’t know… couldn’t have known…


      It’s a subtle shift in understanding, going from “I don’t know” to “don’t know I (mind)”. When I look back over my mottled practice, it seems “I don’t know” was often a willful “I refuse to know (because then I lose the only way I have of controlling you/it/whatever)”.

      Although some days, I wish I could go back there again… 😉

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