unearth the mountain

There are mountains hidden in treasures.  There are mountains hidden in swamps.  There are mountains hidden in the sky.  There are mountains hidden in mountainsThere are mountains hidden in hiddenness.  This is complete understanding.

Therefore investigate mountains thoroughly.  When you investigate mountains thoroughly, this is the work of the mountains.

Such mountains and waters of themselves become wise persons and sages.


Sometimes the immensity of my inner experience is too much.  Too huge, too wide, too concentrated.  Like that mountain just beyond the trees in front of the townhouse we had rented somewhere in Alberta.  It curved over me with intense curiousity as I stepped off the porch for a hike down to the little town.  Having spent vacations hiking the trails in the Crow’s Nest Pass and driving the winding roads across Vancouver Island, I’m familiar with that gut-clench mountains evoke.  Having spent some time approaching the cushion, I’m familiar with that same gut-clench.

How does a bag of empty husks tower over me with such inquisitiveness?

Please keep practising,


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