For years
I thought God
would show up
in a flash and dazzle –
decking me out
in gold and silks,
gifting me with palace and jewels,
where I would live out
a kingly life of ease.
But these days,
though God looms large
on my horizon –
it is often misty and hard to see.
Our movement
towards each other
comes tightly measured –
in single steps,
in difficult and long lived days.
And our final greeting
may be less
a joyous celebration
full of gold and glitter –
than each,
falling exhausted,
into the others

from Light was Everywhere
Richard Wehrman

a string unwound

I must apologize,
for wanting to make things clear,
for connecting A to B to C,
as though there were a line
we could follow, taking us out of
the darkness

a string unwound on the way in,
so that after the slaying was done,
we had a chance to return
where we started

but that wanting was my error,
of wanting a way back, when I
should have known all along –
that being lost and alone in the dark,
was really the only
way out



by Richard Wehrman in Light Was Everywhere
Richard is also the illustrator of Rafe Martin’s books
Endless Path and The Banyan Deer

Thank you, Richard, for a profoundly beautiful book of sensuous wisdom