double mountain

Hexagram 52 of the I-Ching is made up of a doubling of the trigram for mountain. I had it tattooed on my wrist.  The interesting thing about #52 is that, when read in reverse, it is Hexagram #51, made up of double thunder.  It represents shaking up the system, cleansing it, and initiating new beginnings.  It is a beautiful, awesome symmetry.

Hexagram 52 – Stillness

I cannot ride
farther than the cliff’s edge.  Ahead,
ridges of snow
smother the north frontier.

A hundred lands
must lie beyond the horizon.
A hundred stars
shine but cannot be touched,

while I fret, small
as a cricket on a boulder,
too weak to cross
even the slightest crack,

and then I think
of this mountain ledge that stops me.
I imagine
that I am the mountain,

and when I do,
the stars and distant lands revolve
around my heart
of stillness and silence.

from  The Living I Ching by Deng Ming-Dao