it’s that time


It’s that time of year.  There’s a momentary awkwardness about what to wish each other.  Merry Christmas?  Happy Holidays?  Season’s Greetings?  The question always arises and it’s typically about what is socially sensitive, right speech. What is skillful means, upaya?  I’ve been trying this year to go with whatever arises, without worry or concern about how I will be perceived.  That fear of judgement is the aquifer of our lives.  And a constant dipping into it divert our deepest and most genuine of intentions which is to simply take a moment to say, “I wish for you all that is wholesome and sustaining.”

So I do – without caveats, addendum, apologies, or a need to be universally acceptable.  

May you enjoy your Christmas celebrations.  

May Santa be good to you.  

May your spiritual rites and rituals bring you joy and fill your heart to overflowing.

May you laugh, cry, dance, and sit still – even simultaneously if you wish.

May your eyes fill with light and your heart with love.

May your heart empty itself of love and the world be nourished to fullness.

May the world become boundless and you the universe.


Thank you for reading, following, commenting and sharing your practice with me.  I am truly grateful.


4 thoughts on “it’s that time

  1. I wish to everyone all the best – according to the tradition they are celebrating, what matters to me is that people are in festive mood and (hopefully ) more spiritual and sharing than normal, everything else is details 😉 Merry Christmas, Genju!

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