variations on a theme

Has Mu become a cliché?

Or maybe saying “Oh it’s a koan!” has become a cliché.  A spiritual mobius strip in the highway to enlightenment?

I ramble.  Or maybe not.

We’ve been spending our weekends rambling… hiking.  Why?  Well, I woke up one morning and decided that was a nice thing to do – waking up, I mean – and something I’d like to continue to do.  As I often say to my family, it’s not the heart attack that will kill me; it’s that heart attack that doesn’t kill me that will kill me.

How’s that for a koan!

I doubt I’m alone in fearing a life of slow degradation.  Despite watching so many people courageously living their own lives through after heart attacks, cancer, various diseases and injuries, I continue to doubt my capacity to live with grace and ease in such circumstances.

So, I woke up one morning.  And I decided that settling for waking up and waddling to the bathroom then bemoaning the double chin and the plus size PJs (I know, I know… you will now need several doses of gore-filled alien-invasion movies to get that picture out of your head) was not enough waking up.


When I worked with that koan, I realized that there is an alternative for “This is it!”

This is not it!

So we began the weekend hikes.

5 thoughts on “variations on a theme

  1. Oh my no, you are not alone in the worry about the slow degradation of the body (and mind)! It reminds me everyday that it is unwinding itself ever so slowly towards its demise.

    My non-Buddhist understanding of MU is probably very basic – but it is that the Emptiness/Nothingness *and* the Everything are the same, the paradox of reality – that is Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing. The realization of this somehow frees us from the constraints of either/or type living/thinking, and we just do what we need to do to live life fully – through seeing/knowing the Beingness that is behind it all, that animates it all. And yet there is still the “body function”, the mind-function, and the “me-function” that function here. “Enlightenment” doesn’t put us into a stoic state, but actually allows us to *feel* life more fully, to want to *live* life more fully… At least that’s been my experience, in this ever unfolding process…

    I’m with you! This is definitely *not* it – and yet it is IT… 🙂 There’s that paradox again. LIfE living ItSelf here… But you’re right, paddling to the bathroom and seeing your reflection in the mirror is not enough waking up – love that! THAT reflection – now that’s a bummer isn’t it…

    And we’re walking, and we’re walking 🙂 LOL

  2. I don’t live in fear of a life of slow degradation. I simply live a life of slow degradation. Rather than fear, I’m usually just pissed off about it. So it goes.

    You’ll appreciate this coming Friday’s video on OH. Maybe.

    • I enjoyed today’s post on OH! I suppose I should have been more precise: it’s the debilitation of not being able to walk or breath easily or move that follows a stroke or “cardiac event.” The degradation of just living – well… I can delude myself easily into ignoring that one. 😀

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