don’t play with the code

We’re live!  More accurately, we’re reincarnated!  A new website for the clinic with luscious pages in my favourite colour scheme – Facebook!  It’s fascinating what goes into designing and setting up a website.  Not quite like building a Bride of Frankenstein but similar to creating a seductive front to attract love interests.  I’m coming to terms with this balance of having a worklife that is inextricable from my lovelife.  I love what I do, the way I get to be in what I do.  And, I’ve finally opened my heart to the reality that I am doing what I love.  There’s nothing specific I can point to, no agenda or calendar item fully captures the “doing-ness.”  It just emerges from who I become in each moment, each encounter in the day.

I didn’t plan it this way.  In fact, if I had the foresight to plan my life as it is at this moment, I would have thrown in a few more Joomla K2 modules and extensions that auto-fed my brilliant ideas directly onto the blogs or ping-backed when there was chocolate nearby.

In seriousness, I also learned something really important about the “back-end” codes of greed, anger, and delusion embedded in the templates of corporations.  Some you can play with even if your last code writing was FORTRAN.  Some you are best to leave alone.  Practice has taught me through sufficient rounds of humility work that learning the difference between them is important to emotional longetivity.  

4 thoughts on “don’t play with the code

  1. Love the way you express: pingback when chocolate is nearby ……… ‘back-end’ codes embedded in templates of corporations. So fun to read!

    BTW — in the last sentence: is ‘longetivity’ = longitude + longevity? or a mispelling? (both work, really:)

  2. Congratulations Genju! Beautiful website. Beautiful space – love the blue. And I am happy for you that what you love doing emerged for you! Or as you say – accepting the reality that you are already doing it…

  3. love the calm, peaceful look of your site. and it’s true that sometimes the best things happen independent of our planning. our work seems to be to make the plan and then be open to the twists and turns, the nuances that come to meet us.

    and I suspect there is an interesting story behind “knowing the difference” all those bumps and bruises we acquire make us a little wiser and the chocolate helps the medicine go down!

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