mind as an apparent multiplicity

This is from What is Life? by Erwin Schrödinger in the chapter The Arithmetical Paradox: The oneness of mind.  Schrödinger writes that the sense we are multiple minds is a creation of our perception and “in truth there is only one mind.”  He quotes Aziz Nasafi, a 13th century Islamic Persian mystic:

On the death of any living creature the spirit returns to the spiritual world, the body to the bodily world.  In this however only the bodies are subject to change.  The spiritual world is one single spirit who stands like unto a light behind the bodily world and who, when any single creature comes into being, shines through it as through a window.  According to the kind and size of the window less or more light enters the world.  The light itself however remains unchanged.

May the light shine through you and may we all remember that we are one.

Have a delightful weekend and thank you for practising!

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