aligning to my values

 Life seems frozen.

It’s not that I don’t have a ton of inspiration or lots to write about.  I do.  Unfortunately, the electric charge of inspiring gets lost in the tangle of making a 60-page thesis read smoothly, hang together conceptually, and not squash the fragile belief that this work may contribute in some way.


I miss you.

Lightening up the grip on 108ZB has to be one of the most frightening things I’ve done.  I struggled with the fear of losing the readership, the chatty comments, and the feeling of connection I get when my blogging friends pingback a post.  My mentor tells me it’s all about being in alignment with my values.  But when fear is a value – in some bizarre way – it precludes alignment.

As long as I cling because I am fearful, I am doomed to careen around my life on a wobbly frame.  So, letting go of 108ZB until the thesis got written became important.  Not because the thesis is more valued but because adjusting the misalignment – whatever object caused it – must always take priority if practice is to be true to its purpose.

So for the moment, as I come down the home stretch of this writing, let me share with you this amazing post by Carole at Zen Dot Studio: 7 Links.  It’s a reflective process identifying different posts in the blog:

The following are the 7 categories:

Most beautiful post 

Most popular post 

Most controversial post

Most helpful post 

Most “surprisingly successful” post

Most neglected post

and finally….the post that makes (the blogger) most proud

I committed to joining in building these links and will set it up for next week when I’m at Rohatsu.  If you’d click “like” for post categories in bold, it will be fun to see what you  think and make this a community event!

Until then, a safe and Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and deep gratitude to all of you for being so supportive of me!


10 thoughts on “aligning to my values

  1. We miss you too, Lynette!! Which will make your posts all the tastier to savour when you return.

    There are a few blogs I read that don’t publish that often. And for me, there is this feeling of anticipation I have when these folks do post. It’s like a little treasure or treat I love to open.

    So we look forward to unwrapping your treasures when they are delivered!

    ps thanks for the SO!

  2. You are missed! Have no fear, “we” are waiting with bated breath for your re-emergence 🙂

    btw – love the photo piece. Is it artwork? Actually, I see some movement there – like waves upon the sea ~ ~ ~

    • Hey Christine! It’s a picture of my car windshield. First frost. Gbrrrrr! I feel like a groundhog poking my head up every so often. At least I’m not a whack-a-mole!

    • David! I thought you’d never ask. Check your mailbox later this weekend. You’ve just volunteered as concept editor. Bwahahahahaaaaa…

      Actually, I might post the Buddhisty section next week if I get up the courage.

    • Thanks Nathan! I am enjoying following your deep commitment to the Occupy movement. I didn’t check into my blogsite for a week and it actually was nice not to worry about what I should write, how I should write it, etc.

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