these two tears

Fresh moss covers
the stone bed;
how many springtimes
was it the Master’s?

His profile in meditation
has been sketched;
but the body of the meditator
has been burned.

Snow in the pines
has closed the pagoda courtyard;
dust settles in the lock
on the sutra library.

I chide myself
for these two tears —
a man who hasn’t grasped
the empty nature of all things.

Mourning the Death of Ch’an Master Po-Yen

from When I Find You Again It Will Be In Mountains – Selected Poems of Chia Tao

translated by Mike O’Connor 

7 thoughts on “these two tears

  1. “I chide myself [for]…not grasping the empty nature of all things.” Yes, I do – especially for not seeing it this week as I moved into and through some illness here….

    I love these ink lid ensos that you have been doing this week. Something ethereal about them, as if they have actually created themselves… Beautiful…

    • AAeeeiiii… you’re never supposed to write that backwards. Now all our chiding will be cast in stone and it will be all your fault!

      You Left-coasters! 😈

      (A chiding is just a shindig spelled wrong!)

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