what interferes

Every moment of our life is relationship.  There is nothing except relationship.  At this moment my relationship is to the rug, to the room, to my own body, to the sound of my voice.  There is nothing except my being in relationship at each second.  And as we practice, what grows in our life is this: first, our realization that there is nothing but being in relationship to whatever is happening in each moment; and second, our growing commitment to this relationship.  Now that seems simple enough – so what interferes?  What blocks our commitment to a specific human relationship, or to studying, to working, to having a good time?  What is there that blocks relationship?

Joko Beck (1917-2011 June 15), Everyday Zen

3 thoughts on “what interferes

  1. Thank you, my friends.

    I’m noticing today how the poison of resentment arise so easily and get in the way of connecting. Splotches! 😉

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