tim the sheep

Sorry I’m late on the Friday poem but I can’t find anything that actually says anything deep and meaningful about the Five Hindrances.  “Drop the Drama and get on with it” themes just don’t come penned by Mary Oliver or Wendell Berry.  And I’m packing for the rapture tomorrow anyway!  So, this is the best I can do:

I’ve probably violated some copyright thing but since Tim is on Tumblr anyway, I doubt it!

Have a great weekend and enjoy being uplifted in whatever manner it happens!

4 thoughts on “tim the sheep

    • No heck! Was there a memo?

      {scrolling through emails} Nope… here it is:

      Everyone will be evacuated to the Other Shore. Collect your Unemployment Forms in the Empty lines. All Bodhisattva desks must be cleared by 0000:00:00 or face rental penalties!

      C ewe L8r!

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