Love this little fluff ball…  a small taste of Monday’s post which will be a review of Andy Karr and Michael Wood’s The Practice of Contemplative Photography (Shambhala Publications).  You can check out the Facebook page here.  I’ve been practising with their exercises and since my eyeballs haven’t fallen out yet, I can say this is very cool stuff.  Review on Monday, pre-loading photo shoots of my homework for the rest of the week while I’m at Upaya.

If I’m not back by the following week, send in troops with chocolate-covered almonds!  Or just send the almonds!


2 thoughts on “junco

  1. Isn’t s/he adorable! I’ve always loved juncos – they look like little friars… hmmm… maybe not a good thing… 😈

    Santa Fe promises to reach 13C and Ottawa will be witchedly at -13C! Rain and snow for tonight… I may stay at the hotel near the airport to be sure I get my flight… if the flight leaves….

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