steering wheel

I’ve been looking at this painting for a long time.  It’s strange to say but I can’t recall which I did first: the inner or outer circle, the viridian or the ochre.  Technically I’m supposed to load the brush with the colours and let the enso unfold in one stroke.  I do that but then I feel compelled to do more… and we know where that leads, don’t we!?

The ways in which I encourage my suffering through poor consumption of nutriments are legion.  It’s quite likely that I will be spending the rest of my lifetimes just on one turning of the wheel – recognition.  Yet every so often, I hit an understanding of how I not only encourage the causes of my suffering but also how I can encourage a different choice.  This is the second turning of the wheel of the Second Noble Truth.

In a response to a question during our zazenkai dharma discussion, Frank pointed out that the joy of practice is not about feeling a sense of whoopee when we become aware.  It is in seeing that we now have the opportunity to make a different choice for the next moment.  It struck me that the second turning of the 2NT is about attaching a steering wheel to the turning wheels!  Now this buggy can take those hair-pin turns without flipping.

Buckle up and hang on!  We’re about to hit the Autobahn of Awareness practice!


4 thoughts on “steering wheel

  1. Joseph, So glad you liked this. Writing a blogpost in a hotel room with none of my comforts around was tough!

    Barry, ox love muddy tracks!

    ZDS, are hitting on a great scam… I mean… charitable business venture??? Dharma insurance. But I think Martin Luther put an end to that, no? 😉

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