as do the sun moon and stars

I like the word “decent.”  It means “fitting and appropriate.”   Children learn to be decent to one another by the influence of parents and teachers.  Societies learn to be decent by the influence of parents and teachers like the Buddha and the Christ.

The Thai Buddhist master Buddhadasa pointed out that the sun, moon, and stars live together as a cooperative and that our very bodily parts function as a cooperative.  This is the ultimately fitting and appropriate way of the universe.  He went on to warn that if our lives are not based on this kind of universal decency, then we shall all perish.

It is surely high time that we enter into a process of purification.  Let’s you and me conspire with friends to vow each morning to practice the way of decency in our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our workplaces and to follow through as best we can.  Let’s join our sisters and brothers who are already in the streets, and bang our pots for the human way that is fitting and appropriate to Earth and its beings.

Let’s organize for decency!

Robert Aitken Roshi

4 thoughts on “as do the sun moon and stars

  1. Oh, I really like this.

    We can learn about decency by seeing how we, ourselves, fit together – the pieces and parts that comprise this process we call “self.” When we perceive our own fitting and appropriate life, then we can fit appropriately into any situation.

  2. What if we saw that we are each other’s “essence” – Buddha Nature… Decency would prevail for sure! It seems it’s in the way we *see* (or don’t see) each other… Heart Bows…

  3. How decent of all of you to join in!

    Seriously, after posting that quote, I began to notice all the ways we’ve forgotten how to be kind to each other. Or maybe I’m getting to my dotage and would like doors held open, elevators doors stopped, parking spots offered…

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