holy day wishes to all

There is no such thing as a tree of satori,
No such thing as a clean mirror;
Originally, there was not one thing.
So where would the dust settle?


Frank and I wish all of you a wonderful sacred season.

May the reverence we hold for all beings fill your lives and may your spiritual path bring you contentment and liberation!

Thank you for joining me in practice every day,


7 thoughts on “holy day wishes to all

  1. I feel the warmth from that beautiful tree. May you find meaning in this season that continues to open your heart and mind and body to that which is.


  2. Thanks for the good wishes.
    May you and Frank have a wonderful sacred season too, and may the coming year be filled with blessings of joy and peace!

  3. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your joy! I hope it was a warm and fulfilling celebration for all of you. And thank you so much for supporting my practice. Together it seems so possible. 😀

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