blogisattva finalists and those honorably mentioned announced

The finalists and those honorably mentioned have been announced by the judges of the 2010 Blogisattva Awards; the winners for each category will be announced on December 12th.  Congratulations to all the bloggers listed on the Awards Table.  My dear dharma friend, Maia Duerr, author of The Jizo Chronicles, mentioned it at the end of our Rohatsu retreat and I spent the next two days trying hard to read the names of blogs on my tiny cell phone screen.  I have to say it’s inspiring to find myself among an impressive list of bloggers and that we do look even more impressive on my larger computer screen!  The dharma is indeed vast and subtle and you can check it out here.

108 Zen Books received kind mention in the categories of Best Achievement in Wide Range of Topic Interests Blogging, Best Achievement in Design, and Blog of the year, Svaha! And, it is a finalist in Best Achievement in Kind and Compassionate Blogging. A deep bow of gratitude to all of you for these nominations.

Many thanks as well to Tom Armstrong who founded the awards and the panel of judges: Rev. Danny Fisher, Barbara Hoetsu O’Brien, Philip Ryan, and fellow Canadian, Tanya McGinnity for all their diligent work.

Please also take a look at the Blog Directory and, if your blog is not listed, add yourself or any blog you know is missing.  During Rohatsu, Sensei Kaz Tanahashi explained that an alternative translation of the mantra of Perfect Understanding (from the Heart Sutra) is “Arriving, arriving, arriving together, all as one, enlightenment beings, Svaha!”  I love the idea of doing exactly that:

Arriving together in this spaciousness and with boundless support for each other.

Thank you for practising,


6 thoughts on “blogisattva finalists and those honorably mentioned announced

    • Hey ZDS! Congrats on getting to the Best Blog, Svaha! Hon. mention too. Next time, I’ll pay the judges more for you!

      It’s good to be back and rohatsu is a mash-up at the moment – but I’m gonna try a bit of cartooning to convey the essence… 😈

      btw, my first attempt to back one of the 108 buddhas was a disaster… 😦

  1. I’m trusting you didn’t try your fav one first. Keep me posted as I have a lovely (was it Buddha Nature?) here that is waiting to be hung in my new zendo (that’s living room without furniture)

    • It was your favourite… the green-ish one. I put the inkstone on one edge to hold it down but that caused a stain. Nothing that skillful matting won’t fix. 😉

      Ah your Buddha… I’ll bet you can use collage techniques to back it on a board. I found a place called CanvasPop and ottawaoncanvas that will do print transfers onto canvas. Used the CanvasPop folks for an xmas present and am happy with them. Ottawaoncanvas is less pricey though.

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