You want your purveyors of Truth
To look and act special.

You want them different
And separate
And powerful.

You prefer to imagine them
Cloaked in light
Than sitting on the toilet.

You like them passionless, sexless,
Mellow, gentle, and kind.

You like the idea of miracles
And will invent them when necessary.

Your strategy is to keep them
Out there
Far away from you
Exotic and mysterious.

You revel in the myth
Of the Enlightened Individual
Hoping to someday be so empowered.

What you can’t tolerate
Is for them to appear
As ordinary as you.

Ram Tzu knows this…

You always miss the Truth
Because it is too plain to see

No Way for the spiritually “advanced” by Ram Tzu

7 thoughts on “crow

  1. I can’t get to the 1008 Books booklist. Is there one? or is it a clever Zen trick? (All I get is the art book section; very nice, but I want more! whoops! Attachment! Thanks,
    – Greg

    • Hi Greg! The window opens on the Art page. Beside the large window is a smaller one which lists categories such as Eastern Teachers, Western Teachers, Haiku etc. Click on those for all the books. Enjoy! 😀

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