Stuck between wireless worlds and learning how to wait.  The internet wasn’t working where we were this weekend and we’ve been pre-occupied with exploring the northern wilds of the province.

Between crazy work demands, we had a chance to hike a couple of trails I’ve been dying to do over the last few trips.  This one leads to the edge of a cliff along the Barron River Canyon.  I really like the idea of finding that edge and along this trail, it’s very possible.

That’s me on the right. Discovering I still love this outcrop as much as I did 15 years ago when I was younger and less daring.

Sometimes being stuck is just a matter of understanding my time and place.

Tomorrow’s post will feature a review of Deepak Chopra’s book, Buddha.  A surprising mix of concepts and style that … well… you’ll have to wait to hear about it.

Thank you for practising,


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