get a grip

I thought this was an interesting picture.  The squash vine has wildly taken over its box and overflowed into the pathways.  It’s actually quite lovely.  The curly tendrils allow it to climb and secure itself to various surfaces so that it isn’t dislodged by driving rain and wind.  But here, the springy wire has attached itself around a bud that will grow into a squash.

It draws up memories of times I’ve tried to steady myself by latching onto some aspect of what I thought was solid about Me.  But it isn’t possible to grow and be locked down at the same time.  Nor is it possible to hold onto myself and hope to have a strong foothold.  So inevitably, I have found myself without the anchor I counted on.

Thank you for practicing,


3 thoughts on “get a grip

  1. It’s a kind of puzzle, isn’t it?

    We hold onto ourselves, of which we already have hold, and through this holding we create the opportunity to see that we already have hold, upon which seeing – we can let go.

    There, that sentence will prepare you for Zen Brain!

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