life without calculation


Juan Ramon Jimenez

What I used to regard as a glory shut in my face,
was a door, opening
toward clarity:

Country without a name:

Nothing can destroy it, this road
of doors, opening, one after another,
always toward reality:

Life without calculation!

translated by James Wright; from Eternidades

Thank you for practicing,


10 thoughts on “life without calculation

  1. If I may give some camera advice… does your camera have “white balance” adjustment? It might just be “wb”. If it does, you can try different settings until it comes out right, or the best way is if you can set it yourself by going going to ‘set wb’ or ‘adjust wb’ or something like that and taking a picture of something white (you must have some nice white paper around somewhere! ^^)
    I hope I didn’t make it sound complicated, it’s easy once you get the first time.

  2. “Life without calculation!”
    That sounds so refreshing! and delicious, just like the pink (carmine)enso.
    But for someone like me who processes the world cognitively it is a challenge.
    “clarity”,”reality” – I’m stepping through the doors.
    Nice to be on the journey.
    Thanks for the poems and the art.

    • Hi born 2b me! Welcome. I like your blog and know it will fill up with great questions! Whe I read your tag, I had a flash of “born 2b 4m” – bad Zen joke… born 2 be four-m… form… ah well… not enough sleep and too much to do.

      Keep those doors swinging!

  3. Yes I am loving this coloured enso and the little black, ribbony squiggles in the right hand corner, that really makes it for me.

    And I get this poem on a gut level this morning, having had a little glory shut in my face this weekend. Teetering between sitting with it and being a warrior and slashing it down.

    • 😀 I like that… ribbony squiggles… the toughest part of shodo is letting the brush do the “walking”. Thanks! I’ll pick up my gold star next year when I’m out your way!

      Yes, having glory shut in my face is a huge steel door of practice. I couldn’t sit with it this morning, so did a teensy bit of slashing then got on with the job of composting my life!

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