gate, gate

going beyond

drink your tea
wash your bowl
do your work

drink tea
wash bowl
do work





For my birthday, I got a subscription to satellite radio and Frank had it installed in my car.  Over the week, I’ve exhausted him on all-Elvis, Real Jazz, Spa, Escape, Sinatra, all-Elvis and… did I say all-Elvis?  Driving into work today, I gave him a break and switched to the 60’s station only to be surprised that many of the songs I loved back then were by artists I hated.  “The Eagles actually did that song!?  But it’s my favourite!”  As far as I’m concerned, music ended with a darkly handsome Southerner who could belt out a gospel tune to shatter the soul.  Now I’m faced with the idea that I actually liked a lot of stuff that came A.E. (after Elvis).  This too is practice.  Having mangled a few concepts on the drive in to work, I decided to push the edge on the way back from a very upbeat meeting.  I tuned into the 70’s station.  I lasted about 15 minutes – just long enough to realize that the music was not cacophonous, jarring guitar rounds with unintelligible, grammatically impoverished lyrics.  (Well, maybe that’s harsh because “I got you, Babe” isn’t exactly Shakespeare.)

Going beyond.  In music as in everything.  In sangha last night, one of our members shared her experience of being in a choir, going beyond the dualities of liked and disliked songs, and dropping into simply singing.

Gate, gate, paragate.

I got you, Babe,


7 thoughts on “gate, gate

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  2. “I got you, babe” – Susann and I watched Groundhog Day a couple of nights ago (she had never seen it!). It’s such a remarkable depiction of samsara and the power of love to put an end to the repetition. Really, if we want to go beyond, and beyond beyond, we’ve got to find a way to love. Although I’ll draw the line on 1970s music – ain’t no way I’m gonna love that stuff.

  3. Barry, what? No ABBA, George Harrison…? Carpenters? Seriously, that’s an interesting point – finding a way to love. I wish I knew what that was – other than endurance, fortitude, and stick-to-it-iveness over the long haul.

    Adam, I have fallen into a hole with ABBA and can’t get out! Couldn’t even imagine what ’80’s music sounds like unless it’s 1880’s… 👿

  4. “That’s alright Mama, anyway you do!” ^^

    I love 1930s jazz, and of course the usually suspects of the 60’s, but I have to say, I’m proud to admit my 13 month old daughter was most excited to dance to Parliament! Gotta have that funk!

    And I love this painting! Perhaps a clue as to what must return to nothing… I just drank a cup of wonderful Arishan oolong tea as I await my students, thank you for the reminder to get back to work!

    • Oh goodness. If Rilke has us taking off our bras, can you imagine what the The King does…!? 😳

      Jazz 1940’s – Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Coltrane (!)…

      OK… tomorrow… tea and all my jazz CD’s all day… start with Oscar Peterson to celebrate Canada Day of course.

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