zen views

I’m becoming aware of preferences: this little Buddha is special, this little Buddha is not.  Buddha15 is a teeny little one done on an envelope using my calligraphy brush pen.  Neat device, it’s a brush that uses an ink cartridge and puts out wickedly controlled lines.  I decided the kanji, like my practice at the moment, needed to be be turned on its head and the lines allowed to metamorph into representations of the straight lines.  After all, straight lines just don’t fit with the sense impression of being Buddha.

And Buddha15 emerged.  A contemplating practitioner under a roof with two cucumbers for company.  Make of it what you will.

Being Buddha.  Sometimes easier if you are a cucumber than a practitioner.  The challenge for me is always in keeping the integrity of the lines that allow the character to be recognized for what it is while letting the lines flow to show that although it is, it also isn’t.  And that’s exactly who we are, isn’t it?  Made up of the formal lines that define all Buddhas, yet manifesting in our unique ways.

So look closely.  Can you see Buddha in buddha15, buddha15 in me, me in you, you in all that is?

Thank you for practicing,


13 thoughts on “zen views

  1. Before I read Barry’s comment I was seeing the Buddha.
    Now I can only see the ox!
    It looks just like the one from the manger in Bethlehem!
    Small world, eh?

  2. Dang! ya did it to me again!
    It sure does look like a Madonna and Child.
    But now I see a goose swimming to the left about to go under a bridge. So there!
    What Buddha? What ox? What Madonna? What kanji?

  3. Oops! I haven’t learned ’emoticons’. I should have put a smiley face after the ‘So there!’ – it was said in jest but on the raw page it doesn’t look good.
    But it is a goose 🙂

  4. I normally lurk, but thought that I’d post because the cucumbers delighted me. They reminded me of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra:
    “We pay homage to the universal consciousness which nourishes all beings
    May we be liberated from the death of ignorance through knowledge of our immortal essence
    Just as the cucumber falls from the bondage of the vine”
    Easier to be a cucumber indeed!

    • Thank you for un-lurking, Emma! That is a terrific mantra. It evokes so many images of all the natural phenomena that simply, un-begrudgingly “fall from the bondage of the vine.”

      Deep bows & heartfelt gratitude for your offering,

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