except in art

Vanishing is impossible
Lasting is impossible
Being in two places at once is impossible
Speaking the entire truth is impossible
Instantly knowing Spanish is impossible
Living in the midst of ten thousand panes of glass is impossible
Being simultaneously masked and unmasked is impossible
Except in art
Art is the art of the (im)possible.

Kenneth Koch

With a deep bow to posts from Crashingly Beautiful & Zen Dot Studio & Ox Herding – for reminding me this week of all that is possible.

Thank you for practicing,


2 thoughts on “except in art

  1. I had coffee yesterday with my friend Bob and we talked about how we fabricate and lie. I think it’s fair to say that both of us have pretty much eliminated lies of commission – overt lies – from our lives. But we both do engage in the occasional like of omission. We withhold information in various ways and in various circumstances. And, thus, we withhold ourselves from the world. In those times, speaking the entire truth is impossible because we refuse to do it. And, in those times, we find ourselves in “two” places – we’re fractured and incomplete and barely alive.

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