It’s a holiday weekend and I’m having too much fun in the garden to worry about whether Zen is the center of life or life is the center of practice or practice is the center of Zen.

It all goes around only to come around anyway!

Are you having fun yet?

I hope so…

If not, what are you waiting for?

Genju – still unplugged…

6 thoughts on “karma

  1. We have been moving plants, waiting to be grounded (the plants, mostly), in and out of the garage because of the frosty mornings. This week for sure! It is just weeks from Summer and we are ready to get on with it. But that’s part of training too, being ready is one thing, actual conditions for change are another matter. Anyway, I like the cartoon, but I must keep in mind that all karma is reaped in feeling, so it’s not the brick that hits you on the head that is the karma, it’s how you feel about it.

  2. I always love it when a page loads and I burst out laughing! I needed a chuckle just now. Thanks,

    Bruce – trying to remember what the outlet looked like…

  3. Ah yes the garden, it called to me in the morning and I’m just now coming in now for supper. It certainly shows that one thing is connected to another, I start with one task and then other things keep finding me. First some visitors, then a few art openings, then the garden. The perfect weekend. And at least we’re unplugged rather than unhinged!

  4. Helmut, I dunno… 🙂 if it’s the same brick, it may require me getting past my feelings about it and dealing with it directly… dynamite would help. 😉

    Glad to have pulled your leg, Barry! 😆

    Bruce, hope you found the outlet for the weekend in that muscle car of yours!

    ZdS, I like that… putting it up on my screensaver – better unplugged than unhinged! I came in when I couldn’t tell if the blood flowing was from thorns, branch scrapes, black flies, horse flies, deer flies, or my Ninja gardening knife!

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