choose a suffering

Yesterday in the assembly I saw my
soul inside the jar of the one who

pours.  “Don’t forget your job,” I
said.  He came with his lighted

face, kissed the full glass, and as
he handed it to me, it became a

red-gold oven taking me in, a ruby
mine, a greening garden.  Everyone

chooses a suffering that will change
him or her to a well-baked loaf.

Abu Lahab, biting his hand, chose
doubt.  Abu Huraya, his love for

cats!  One searches a confused mind
for evidence.  The other has a

leather sack full of what he needs.
If we could be silent now, the

master would tell us some stories
they hear in the high council.

from The Soul of Rumi: a new collection of ecstatic poems translation by Coleman Barks

Thank you for practicing,


4 thoughts on “choose a suffering

  1. That’s right, Barry. You are the only one who is suffering. You are just making the assumption that “others” suffer.

    We don’t.

    • Thanks, Willie. I wasn’t sure how to break it to him.

      Barry, you do realize you chose your suffering by discovering me, right? [bwahahahahaaa]

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