no honey but ecstasy

….I entered the life of the brown forest,
And the great life of the ancient peaks, the patience of stone, I felt the
changes in the veins
In the throat of the mountain…and, I was the stream
Draining the mountain wood; and I the stag drinking: and I was the stars
Boiling with light, wandering alone, each one lord of his own summit;
and I was the darkness
Outside the stars, I included them, they were a part of me.  I was mankind
also, a moving lichen
On the cheek of the round stone…
…how can I express the excellence I have found,
that has no color but clearness;
No honey but ecstasy …

Robinson Jeffers, The Tower Beyond Tragedy ( quoted in Coming Back to Life: Practices to reconnect our lives, our world by Joanna Macy)

2 thoughts on “no honey but ecstasy

    • Deep bows for your teachings, Dear One. I came across this in Joanna Macy’s book and remembered your recent post on Jeffers. It seemed to fit this week’s meander through the emergent self.

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