sword dance

If you are making subjective, personalized judgments about events in the past and present but have not been through the process of refining and purifying your insight, you are doing a sword dance without first having learned how to handle a sword.

Master Fa-yen Wenyo (885-958) from Selfless Insight by James Austin

This little nook is way too small a space in which to swing a sword.  And I love my kitties too much to swing them by the tail… maybe except for one.  But that’s the problem, isn’t it? There’s always someone for whom I’m more than willing to compromise my practice (synonymous with ethics). Learning how to handle this  mind-sword has left me with a number of scars – most of which I’m quite proud of.  They remind me to tread lightly, breathe deeply, and know when to sit as a mountain.

For now, I leave you with these two little nooks we have inhabited for the last week.  Thank you for joining us here.

May your practice be a light handed sword dance,


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