no death, no fear

We send our support to the community of the Mountains and Rivers Order for a peaceful continuation of Daido Loori’s life.  May he rest well knowing he has given us myriad gifts of illumination.

deep bows,


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Dear Friends,John Daido Loori

Over the last few days, Daido Roshi’s condition has changed significantly and it is now apparent that he has only a few days of life left. Because of this, the Descending the Mountain ceremony scheduled for this Sunday at Zen Mountain Monastery needs to be cancelled. There will be regular morning services on Sunday October 4, 2009 at both Zen Mountain Monastery and Fire Lotus Temple.

Meanwhile, Daido Roshi is comfortable and attended to round the clock by his wife, monastics and the hospice nursing staff.

Upon his death, we will inform you about the funeral arrangements and ceremonies, events that traditionally take place forty-nine days after death.

Please continue your practice during this time and keep Daido Roshi in your mind and heart.

With deep appreciation,
Zen Mountain Monastery

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