Descending the Mountain – Roshi Daido Loori retires


spiritual lineage

Announcement from Zen Mountain Monastery, Mountains and Rivers Order

Dear Sangha,

Greetings from Tremper Mountain. We want to communicate some important information regarding Daido Roshi and the Mountains and Rivers Order. This past Sunday Daido Roshi met with the Zen Mountain Monastery Board of Directors to let them know he feels it is time for him step down as Abbot General of the Order and to pass his responsibilities on to the next generation. He asked that Shugen Sensei step into the position of Abbot General, and that this go into effect immediately. He reiterated his previously stated wishes that Shugen Sensei assume the role of Abbot of the Zen Center of New York City and Ryushin Sensei assume the abbot’s position of Zen Mountain Monastery.

An important step in this process is for Daido Roshi to step down as the Abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery and the Zen Center of NYC. This will be publicly acknowledged through a service called the “Descending the Mountain” Ceremony which is scheduled for Sunday, October 11th. It will take place during the morning service at Zen Mountain Monastery beginning at 9:00 AM. (Note: For members of the sangha who attend Fire Lotus Temple, the Temple will be closed on that Sunday to give everyone the opportunity to attend the ceremony.)

Prajna Paramita,
Zen Mountain Monastery


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A deep bow for all his teachings which continue in us,

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